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All-Inclusive International Travel to Rome

When you think of all-inclusive travel to Rome, what do you think of? Do you think of the history, the Forum, the Coliseum and the great Gods of Rome? Do you think of the religion, the Christians that were once sacrificed to the lions, but who now lead the world from The Vatican City: the smallest independent country in the world? Do you think of the Eternal City, the city to which all roads are said to lead, a term that harks back to the Roman Empire when that was a fact?


Luxury Venice Vacations Offering a Taste of Northern Italy

Venice vacations make you think of canals, art galleries and palaces, and that is exactly what you get. However, you can also have entertainment and fun, and don't forget the delicious Italian cuisine, including their famous wines. Many people vacation in Venice for while, and then move base to visit other parts of Northern Italy that we shall come to shortly.


A Roman Holiday

A vacation in Rome and the Vatican City is far more than a holiday – the history and culture will take you on a journey that will provide you with experiences that will stay with you forever. One cannot be untouched by a city that dominated almost the entire globe for so long, which still holds much of our history in its hands, and whose influence has affected all of us all our lives.


In Search of Non-Singing Gondoliers - Enjoying the canals of Venice

Inevitably when you think of Venice you think of canals and when you think of canals you think of gondolas, the iconic symbol of the romance of Venice. They are indeed romantic and well suited to the environment but a few words to the neophyte Venetian traveler might be in order.


Country Cognoscenti - Italy

One of the best ways to learn more about a destination is through its trivia. It is fitting therefore that we should be focusing on all things Italian since the term Trivia dates back to Roman times. As history teaches us, the Roman were prodigious road builders and according to legend wherever three roads crossed each other a notice board would be set up so travelers could leave messages for others on topics of interest. In Latin Tri Via means three roads…

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