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Ecuador's Amazing Amazon Parrots

When somebody says the Amazon you tend to think of Brazil because of the size of the area it includes in its boundaries. The Amazon, however can be found in other countries within South America like Peru and Colombia. We offer programs in many of these counties and each has its unique attractions but we think that Ecuador offers a good combination of relative proximity, manageable size and interesting venues in the area known as El Oriente.


Could this be El Dorado?

There is a town in the southern region of Ecuador that has been continuously occupied for at least 7,500 and possibly as long at 10,000 years. It sits in a valley created by the confluence of four rivers, part of the Amazon watershed, surrounded by the Andes. Situated at an elevation of 8,300 feet it offers spring-like temperatures, warm in the day and cold enough for sweaters in the evenings. In Spanish a basin caused by rivers is called a Cuenca and that is the name of the town today.

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