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Adventure in Style - Exploration and Elegance combined

When you have risen early in Rwanda to greet the misty dawn and then traveled up the mountainside to trek through forest with an expert guide to spend time with a family of Mountain Gorillas, there is a sense of awe and accomplishment as you return to your luxury lodge with its burning fireplaces and exquisite rooms. A reviving bath prepares you for cocktails as you watch the daylight fade over the mountain peaks you have recently visited.


Urban Delights: Discovering the Essence of a City through its Markets, Neighborhoods and People

Too many travel companies, particularly those that offer packages online think that an airline ticket, a transfer to the city and a half day city sightseeing equates to a trip to Paris. The rest of the time you are there you are left to your own devices either missing the places you should have seen or seeing the “must-see” sights from a bus listening to taped narration through earphones explaining the sights in multiple languages.

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