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Full Moon in Hoi An...Nostalgia in Vietnam

Every month at the time of the full moon, the town of Hoi An turns back the clock and gives the enterprising tourist and local alike a glimpse into the way Hoi An was in days past. All traffic is halted, all TV’s turned off and all modern lighting eliminated and replaced by colorful lanterns for which the town is famous. As you walk through old town you have the opportunity to try traditional foods and imagine this place as a bustling international port in the 17th and 18th Centuries when Western traders referred to it as Faifo.


Far from Saigon

Although they are both part of the same country, Saigon and Sapa could not be further apart, geographically, climatically or culturally. While Saigon is situated far to the South in the steamy Mekong Delta as it flows into the South China Sea, Sapa is about as far north as you can get without being in China. While Saigon is at sea level, Sapa sits at 9,500 feet and while Saigon marks the end of the Mekong River, Sapa marks the end of the Himalayan region.

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