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A Vacation in Oman- A World in a Grain of Sand

From childhood tales of Arabia, a vacation in Oman is all you could ever have dreamed of, but a very great deal more besides. When you think of visiting the Sultanate of Oman and the United Arab Emirates, do you think of wild, sandy wilderness, camels and rich, luxurious mysteries round each corner? Perhaps, but have you also considered the 1,300 kilometres of outstanding coastline offered by Oman? Here the sand is dazzling white, reflecting the sunlight which penetrates far below the cool ocean waves to the magnificent aquamarine waters, home to some of the most varied, colourful and memorable sea life and corals anywhere in the world.


Castles in name only

Visitors to Rome have a treasure trove of activities to fill their time whether they are lovers of history, art, fashion or food. There comes a time however when you may want to emulate the Romans themselves and take a day trip to Castelli Romani. By doing so you will not only be following the example of contemporary Romans but of Popes from centuries past and, before  them, the Emperors and distinguished citizens of Imperial Rome.

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