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Adventure Travel to Kenya: Discover Kenya's Best Kept Secrets

How would like adventure travel to Kenya, to learn some of Kenya's best kept secrets? How about checking into Hemingway's, a luxury hotel on the Indian Ocean, or spending some time in the same area that Elsa was released into the wild by Joy Adamson? You can enjoy these, and more, with luxury adventure travel to Kenya, land of the Luo, Kalenjin, Turkana and the famous Maasai warrior race, as the name is correctly spelled although we shall use the more popular western spelling of Masai.


A Safari Vacation in Kenya – An African Holiday Never to be Forgotten

A safari vacation in Kenya is undoubtedly an African holiday never to forget. A vacation or safari in Africa, particularly in Kenya, remains one of the most popular and memorable experiences one can ever possibly undertake. It is more than simply a vacation – it is an exploration of the origins of Man, and an appreciation of some of the glorious and iconic animals in the world, within their true habitat. From lions and leopards to elephants and wildebeest, a Kenyan safari is the ultimate in exotic experiences, and will create tales and memories to share and enjoy for the rest of your life.


Mfangano: hard to pronounce; harder to leave- Luxury living on Kenya's Lake Victoria

As you have for the past two days you have risen early, enjoyed your morning coffee and headed out on to the Maasai Mara in search of the local game. If lucky you will have seen the lioness and her cubs from the Marsh pride before returning to camp to pack your duffel bag and head to the airstrip to board your waiting aircraft.


The Adamson Legacy – Luxury Conservation in Kenya

Thanks to a Lioness named Elsa and a Leopard named Penny, wildlife conservation went mainstream and the idea of returning animals back to the wild helped slow the depletion of many endangered species especially in East Africa.

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