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How to meet your Dragon…And impress your kids!


If you want to be a hero to your kids or your kids and grandkids you could take them all on a cruise or to a theme park in Florida. If you want to be a super hero however you take them to a remote, but safe, land where they can care for an elephant, learn about rice farming, explore a bat cave and meet a dragon face to face. We’re talking bragging rights at school for the next semester. All this is possible if you let Ultitude take you and your family to Indonesia.

Indonesia is a vast country made up of hundreds of islands some larger and better known than others. This particular adventure starts out on the island of Bali. On your first full day everyone heads to the countryside to a Balinese village where they visit the local school and meet the students, you then don a conical hat and proceed to the rice paddies where they learn how to plant and transplant rice. If the kids don’t like doing chores at home this will put things in perspective. In the afternoon they get a chance to ride a Sumatran elephant and then help bathe the elephant in the local river. Not a bad first day.

After some other adventure-filled days you head to the airport for the brief flight to Flores Island and the charming fishing village of Labuan Bajo. You are all transferred to your beachfront hotel where you can have a swim before lunch. In the afternoon you head off to Batu Cermin Cave where you enter the cave, home to bats and monkeys. The bats will probably be asleep but the monkeys are wide wake. Your knowledgeable guide will explain the ecosystem of the cave and its inhabitants and pictures can be taken all around.

The next day you will all have the opportunity to come face to face with a Komodo dragon. There are approximately 5,000 remaining in the wild with 2,000 residing on Flores, 1,300 on Rinca Island and 1,700 on Komodo Island from whence this giant Monitor Lizard gets its name. These creatures can grow to be 10 feet long of which about half is tail and can weigh up to 150 pounds. They can live up to 50 years of age.

 Your first stop will be Rinca Island which the Dragons share with goats, wild pigs and buffaloes. Your guide will explain that the Dragons are carnivores usually living off carrion but if they are able to catch a goat or wild pig they will swallow it whole to slowly digest. They are shy among humans but you will get a chance to see them in their natural environment. You head back to the boat and have lunch on board as you head to Komodo Island and some more dragon encounters before heading back to Flores and your hotel. The day’s events will be sure to be the key topic of discussion at dinner this evening.

After your adventure you head back to Bali and a relaxing beach resort where there are myriad activities from which to choose. Too soon it is time to head to the airport for the return home with you basking in the adulation of your assorted family members, a hero to them all.