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Introduction to Laos and Cambodia

14 Days:$6,927 per person inclusive of superior rooms in superior hotels, all meals, comprehensive sightseeing, all admission fees, private helicopter trip over Angkor Wat, airfare within Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, personal guides and private car and driver. International airfare is additional. Participation is limited to six guests.

The Khmer people once constituted a mighty empire as exemplified by the complex and colossal scale of Angkor Wat and related sites. Later, Laos and Cambodia, along with Vietnam were part of French Indochina and this created a European patina over the historic Khmer legacy. Through the turbulent times of the latter part of the 20th Century, both countries saw their share of heartache but neither the troubles and the colonial past has been able to change the kindness of the people themselves. Let us show you the highlights of the people in both Laos and Cambodia, their temples, their monks, their style of cooking and, of course, their charm. In the evening, however, the French influence may still remain in some of the cuisine.