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Our founders and staff have extensive experience in running major enterprises for such well known brands as American Express, Hertz, Disney, AAA and even some iconic names from the past like Pan AM and TWA.

Realizing that the world of travel was changing with mega ships and mega resorts we determined that there was a need for a program that focused on travel for small groups, but offering destinations across the globe.

Our mission is to create the opportunity for open-minded, adventurous and intellectually curious travelers to experience the world in a highly personalized way.

We currently offer over 400 different experiences in over 85 countries on all continents. While there are obviously differences between a program in Italy and one in Mongolia, all programs do share some core elements that, combined, create the Ultitude difference.

Our programs are all private and limited to six guests. This allows you to choose who you want to travel with depending on the type of experience you are looking for. Certain programs are best when shared with just one other person while others benefit from sharing the experience with friends or family. You can select any of our suggested programs or have one built around your schedule, interests and requirements

Personal Attention from the time you arrive until the time you return. It starts when you are met at the airport and delivered to your hotel by your own car and driver. Your sightseeing in major cities is either walking or by private car but either way is just you and your guide. Here you see Antonella, Maria and Eugenia, one of them will be glad to personally guide you around Venice You tour the countryside with your own car and driver.

Hand-Picked Hotels await you, chosen for their location, amenities and, most importantly, commitment to personal service. Because of our limited room requirements we most often use luxury boutique hotels or ,in Africa, private tented camps. As an example, La Folie Lodge in Laos offers French charm, cuisine and comfort on an island in the middle of the Mekong River

Dining well is integral to a unique travel experience since cuisine is a key manifestation of a culture. It is because of this that we offer a variety of dining experiences from picnics to artisan food to Michelin.  In some cases you get to help in the food preparation including the four room Hacienda Umbria in Ecuador where your host and instructor is a noted chef, sommelier and expert on chocolate.

Special moments create distinctive experiences. At Ultitude we are committed to either providing them to you or creating the environment for you to create your own.  Our goal is to create "once-in-a-lifetime" experiences for our guests like a luxury camp in Morocco set up exclusively for you on the edge of the Sahara